Medical Doctor at Healthy Aging Medical Centers

Dov Rand, an M.D. with medical certifications and medical training from Howard University (1991), the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University (1995), and Cenegenics (2009), has been pioneering age management treatment through providing the highest quality patient care. As the founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers, Dov Rand provides care to patients struggling with age-related degenerative or chronic diseases with patience, respect, and a full exploration of the many options based on new research in the age management field. Dov Rand’s patients report feeling great trust in his professional knowledge as well as his warmth, understanding, kindness, and patient-focused care. Patients also report significant and immediate results in treating weight loss, loss of energy, hormone-related issues, and chronic pain.

With an 85% positive rating at and an overall excellent patient rating at, patient reviews of Dr. Dov Rand MD report high levels of satisfaction with the professionalism of his treatment and medical advice as well as his staff at the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. The Center is also equipped with state of the art medical technology, and accepts a variety of different insurance plans. Dov Rand reviews medical histories and different therapies thoroughly with patients to ensure that the root causes of health issues are being adequately and directly addressed, and that patients are receiving symptom-oriented treatment as well as long-term curative solutions. He won the Patient’s Choice Award four years in a row, from 2009 to 2012.

Though age management is a relatively new medical field of research, practice, and study, Dov Rand is pioneering in this field by providing some of the highest quality care to patients while incorporating the newest research and studies on the topic. One patient describes Dr. Dov Rand MD as “one of the finest doctors in the field of medicine today” and “always punctual, eager to help, very interested and caring, well mannered, and very professional in his demeanor.”


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