Medical Doctor at Healthy Aging Medical Centers

The evolution of traditional medicine has seen a rise in emphasis on providing a quick fix to a medical problem, often involving an invasive procedure or prescription medication. Many patients and physicians, such as Dr. Dov Rand MD, are finding that traditional medicine is not effective in achieving long-term health. For this reason, functional medicine is gaining popularity as an alternative treatment option. Dr. Dov Rand MD, an advocate for functional medicine and anti-aging expert, breaks down the fundamentals of functional medicine in an effort to educate the public about its benefits.

Functional medicine, at its core, attempts to get to the root of the problem versus simply treating symptoms. Functional medicine picks up where traditional medicine has failed in that it focuses on patient needs and goals, approaches medical concerns from a holistic view, and is based in the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits. With over seven years of experience in the field, Dr. Dov Rand MD has first-hand experience applying the principles of functional medicine to help patients achieve optimal physical health.

In Dr. Dov Rand MD’s experience, functional medicine not only provides a higher rate of positive results but empowers patients to adopt and follow a healthy lifestyle. Practitioners who choose to practice functional medicine provide their clients with patient-centered care combined with evidence-based research and best medical practice. Dr. Dov Rand MD explains that functional medicine not only includes the treatment plan, but a life plan. Functional medicine practitioners work to educate and encourage their patients to attain good nutrition, diet, and exercise in order to achieve good overall health.


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