Medical Doctor at Healthy Aging Medical Centers

Obesity is on the rise in children and adults and has been directly linked to numerous chronic illnesses. Many developed nations, such as the United States, are witnessing an increase in the rate of obesity due to widely-available processed foods, a decrease in the consumption of water versus sugary drinks, and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Dr. Dov Rand MD, an experienced age management medicine practitioner, wishes to share with readers his top three tips for preventing obesity.

Dr. Dov Rand MD’s first tip for preventing obesity is to increase physical activity level. While rigorous exercise, such as cardio, has been shown to burn fat and build muscle at a higher rate, many individuals with physical illnesses or disabilities are not able to participate in such strenuous activity. Therefore, Dr. Dov Rand MD recommends minimally walking or swimming at least 15 minutes a day to jumpstart the metabolism.

Next, Dr. Dov Rand MD recommends receiving adequate nutrition. A balanced nutritional profile includes adequate vitamins and minerals, lean meat or protein, fresh fruit and vegetables, and plenty of water. While there is no simple or quick end-all solution to attaining good nutrition, Dr. Dov Rand MD points out that balancing food intake is the first step to achieving proper nutrition.

Lastly, Dr. Dov Rand MD reminds readers that many options exist to undergo medical weight-loss treatment. Through consulting an experienced physician, individuals are able to attain an individualized diet and exercise plan as well as suggestions for nutritional supplements. In Dr. Dov Rand MD’s experience, individuals who seek professional guidance with their weight loss goals quickly experience positive results.


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