Medical Doctor at Healthy Aging Medical Centers

As scientific research uncovers more and more links between obesity and debilitating illness, many individuals are seeking out the assistance of medical professionals in achieving weight loss goals. During the past seven years, Dr. Dov Rand MD has helped provide comprehensive weight loss management assistance to many patients. Here, Dr. Dov Rand MD lists his top weight loss management tips.

Dr. Dov Rand MD’s number one weight-loss management tip is to lead an active lifestyle. While it is recommended that individuals exercise at least two hours a week, an increase in the frequency of physical activity can help promote weight loss and build muscle. Experienced physicians, such as Dr. Dov Rand MD, can often help patients come up with the physical activity plan tailored to their schedules and abilities.

Next, weight loss management objectives almost always include an individualized nutritional plan. Obtaining proper nutrition and following a custom diet are often recommended by reputable physicians. In his practice, Dr. Dov Rand MD evaluates patient history, lifestyle, and genetic profile in order to develop a diet plan that uniquely meets individual needs.

In addition to diet and exercise, Dr. Dov Rand MD reminds readers that vitamin and nutritional supplements can often help enhance weight loss and maintain a healthy weight. As there are many options available to consumers, vitamin and nutritional supplements should be discussed with your physician before being taken. However, many of Dr. Dov Rand MD’s patients have achieved success in their weight loss goals by increasing physical activity, following their nutritional plan, and complementing their diet with nutritional supplements and vitamins.


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