Medical Doctor at Healthy Aging Medical Centers

Dr. Dov Rand MD is a medical doctor in New Jersey with over 22 years of experience. For the first part of his career, Dr. Dov Rand MD was dedicated to physical medication and rehabilitation. He spent an extensive amount of time working with sports related injuries and sports rehabilitation. Dr. Dov Rand MD then transitioned to Age Management Medicine and received training with Cenegenics in Las Vegas in 2009.

Dr. Dov Rand MD’s training has helped numerous patients in New Jersey who seek help through the aging process. His goal is to make their transition comfortable and improve their quality of life. Working with the Healthy Aging Medical Centers in West Orange, New Jersey, Dr. Dov Rand MD was responsible for developing the center’s various programs.  Dr. Dov Rand MD continues to deepen is knowledge and professional standing as a leader in anti-aging medicine today.

In December of 2012, Dr. Dov Rand MD passed his written board’s exam in anti-aging medicine. With the written board’s exam completed, Dr. Dov Rand MD must complete the oral boards next, an exam that he is preparing for eagerly. In the meantime, Dr. Dov Rand MD continues to have a strong presence in his field. He attends conferences and seminars in anti-aging medicine around the country. Dr. Dov Rand MD has been a presenter at several of these seminars, and his goal is to educate the public on what anti-aging treatments are available. Dr. Dov Rand MD works to develop new programs and become a leader in anti-aging medicine.


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