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Dr. Dov Rand MD, an expert in age management medicine, is an advocate for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Unlike traditional hormone replacement therapies, bio-identical hormones are derived from natural sources that are identical to the hormones found in humans. In Dr. Dov Rand MD’s experience, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy has helped men and women decrease symptoms of hormone reduction, increase libido, and effectively protect against heart disease.

During Dr. Dov Rand MD’s seven years of medical practice, he has assisted hundreds of patients in restoring hormonal balance with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. One major advantage of this treatment option is that, particularly for women, negative symptoms of hormone reduction, like hot flashes, are significantly reduced or eliminated. Improvement in these types of symptoms results in an improved quality of life.

Additionally, Dr. Dov Rand MD points out that bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can increase libido in both men and women. As we age our hormone levels naturally decline which can result in the reduction of sex drive, poor concentration, and low-energy. Dr. Dov Rand MD has successfully treated many individuals experiencing these symptoms with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. As a result, Dr. Dov Rand MD’s patients experience increased energy, concentration, and improved libido.

Finally, Dr. Dov Rand MD reminds readers that bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can effectively prevent chronic diseases. Of note, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can protect an individual against heart disease and other degenerative diseases. Dr. Dov Rand MD recommends individuals to receive diagnostic testing to determine whether bio-identical hormone replacement therapy may be an option.


Obesity is on the rise in children and adults and has been directly linked to numerous chronic illnesses. Many developed nations, such as the United States, are witnessing an increase in the rate of obesity due to widely-available processed foods, a decrease in the consumption of water versus sugary drinks, and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Dr. Dov Rand MD, an experienced age management medicine practitioner, wishes to share with readers his top three tips for preventing obesity.

Dr. Dov Rand MD’s first tip for preventing obesity is to increase physical activity level. While rigorous exercise, such as cardio, has been shown to burn fat and build muscle at a higher rate, many individuals with physical illnesses or disabilities are not able to participate in such strenuous activity. Therefore, Dr. Dov Rand MD recommends minimally walking or swimming at least 15 minutes a day to jumpstart the metabolism.

Next, Dr. Dov Rand MD recommends receiving adequate nutrition. A balanced nutritional profile includes adequate vitamins and minerals, lean meat or protein, fresh fruit and vegetables, and plenty of water. While there is no simple or quick end-all solution to attaining good nutrition, Dr. Dov Rand MD points out that balancing food intake is the first step to achieving proper nutrition.

Lastly, Dr. Dov Rand MD reminds readers that many options exist to undergo medical weight-loss treatment. Through consulting an experienced physician, individuals are able to attain an individualized diet and exercise plan as well as suggestions for nutritional supplements. In Dr. Dov Rand MD’s experience, individuals who seek professional guidance with their weight loss goals quickly experience positive results.

The evolution of traditional medicine has seen a rise in emphasis on providing a quick fix to a medical problem, often involving an invasive procedure or prescription medication. Many patients and physicians, such as Dr. Dov Rand MD, are finding that traditional medicine is not effective in achieving long-term health. For this reason, functional medicine is gaining popularity as an alternative treatment option. Dr. Dov Rand MD, an advocate for functional medicine and anti-aging expert, breaks down the fundamentals of functional medicine in an effort to educate the public about its benefits.

Functional medicine, at its core, attempts to get to the root of the problem versus simply treating symptoms. Functional medicine picks up where traditional medicine has failed in that it focuses on patient needs and goals, approaches medical concerns from a holistic view, and is based in the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits. With over seven years of experience in the field, Dr. Dov Rand MD has first-hand experience applying the principles of functional medicine to help patients achieve optimal physical health.

In Dr. Dov Rand MD’s experience, functional medicine not only provides a higher rate of positive results but empowers patients to adopt and follow a healthy lifestyle. Practitioners who choose to practice functional medicine provide their clients with patient-centered care combined with evidence-based research and best medical practice. Dr. Dov Rand MD explains that functional medicine not only includes the treatment plan, but a life plan. Functional medicine practitioners work to educate and encourage their patients to attain good nutrition, diet, and exercise in order to achieve good overall health.

Dr. Dov Rand, an age management and anti-aging medicine expert, has been teaching seminars to the general public about anti-aging treatments in order to expand public consciousness and awareness of new therapies and treatments emerging from the field of age management medical research. Dov Rand feels passionately about educating the public on these issues because “the field of age management therapies is so new, that many people don’t realize that these treatments are an option. We are often presented with the idea that many degenerative age-related diseases and chronic illnesses are inevitable or untreatable, when in fact many of them are preventable. New medical research is being produced every day that illustrates that an effective treatment and prevention program using age management therapies and techniques can effectively counteract or alleviate many of the harmful effects of aging.”

By presenting seminars, Dr. Dov Rand MD hopes to share the knowledge that he has been learning by attending conferences around the country on age management. As a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) and the Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG), Dov Rand stays up to date on the news and research emerging from the age management specialists’ community and hopes to make this research accessible to patients and the public, sharing the new options available for patients dealing with degenerative diseases and age related health issues. Seminar participants have described walking away feeling empowered and equipped with the knowledge to deal with the health effects of aging. “Dov Rand’s seminar was excellent,” reported one participant, a Pennsylvania resident who traveled to New Jersey to attend Dov Rand’s seminar. “He gave a really great overview of all of the new treatments coming out of age management studies and I feel like now I know how to work proactively on my aging and health to make sure that I can live to my fullest, even if my youth is behind me.”

Dov Rand, an M.D. with medical certifications and medical training from Howard University (1991), the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University (1995), and Cenegenics (2009), has been pioneering age management treatment through providing the highest quality patient care. As the founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers, Dov Rand provides care to patients struggling with age-related degenerative or chronic diseases with patience, respect, and a full exploration of the many options based on new research in the age management field. Dov Rand’s patients report feeling great trust in his professional knowledge as well as his warmth, understanding, kindness, and patient-focused care. Patients also report significant and immediate results in treating weight loss, loss of energy, hormone-related issues, and chronic pain.

With an 85% positive rating at and an overall excellent patient rating at, patient reviews of Dr. Dov Rand MD report high levels of satisfaction with the professionalism of his treatment and medical advice as well as his staff at the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. The Center is also equipped with state of the art medical technology, and accepts a variety of different insurance plans. Dov Rand reviews medical histories and different therapies thoroughly with patients to ensure that the root causes of health issues are being adequately and directly addressed, and that patients are receiving symptom-oriented treatment as well as long-term curative solutions. He won the Patient’s Choice Award four years in a row, from 2009 to 2012.

Though age management is a relatively new medical field of research, practice, and study, Dov Rand is pioneering in this field by providing some of the highest quality care to patients while incorporating the newest research and studies on the topic. One patient describes Dr. Dov Rand MD as “one of the finest doctors in the field of medicine today” and “always punctual, eager to help, very interested and caring, well mannered, and very professional in his demeanor.”

Dr. Dov Rand, a certified medical doctor and expert in the field of anti-aging medicine and treatment, continues to expand his knowledge on the field by attending conferences hosted by several leading age management research and advocacy organizations. As a member of several organizations including the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) and the Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG), Dov Rand remains actively involved in learning about the newest peer-reviewed medical research emerging from the field.

Dov Rand’s own professional office, the Healthy Aging Medical Center, provides excellent patient care as well as education and information on the newest age management related research to patients in addition to medical care. By incorporating education into patient care, Dov Rand ensures that his patients are well-informed on the new treatments being used in a growing new medical field and helps his patients feel respected and well cared for by equipping them with the understanding of how these treatments are intended to work in order to improve their lives. Dr. Dov Rand MD also incorporates the knowledge learned from his medical practice into his own research and study in the field of anti-aging medicine, sharing his findings with other healthcare professionals at conferences around the country.

With seven years of experience in the field, Dr. Dov Rand MD has been exploring the impact of various preventative and treatment strategies in order to evaluate their effectiveness. These treatments have included weight loss programs, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, antioxidant vitamin treatments, Botox and Filers. Patient reviews have been very positive, with significant results being reported. Many of Dov Rand’s patients who have been struggling with chronic age-related issues and degenerative diseases report a major increase in their quality of life, and the effectiveness of Dov Rand’s treatments that address the root causes of their physical symptoms while ensuring that they also have access to the research and knowledge that will equip them to continue receiving the highest quality and most informed medical care possible.

Dr. Dov Rand MD has always known that he wanted to work professionally as a medical doctor. Being someone who truly cares about the wellbeing of other people, Dr. Dov Rand MD knew that being a medical doctor was a great choice for him. Dr. Dov Rand MD would highly recommend becoming a certified medical doctor to anyone who enjoys taking care of other human beings.

There are many other reasons why Dr. Dov Rand MD truly enjoys working as a certified medical doctor. Dr. Dov Rand MD is proud to be a doctor that specializes in the area of anti-aging medicine as well as age management medicine. Dr. Dov Rand MD knows that everyone wants to look as young as they can for as long as they possibly can, which is just one of the reasons why he enjoys helping people with anti-aging medicine. Anti-aging medicine has been around for a very long time. Dr. Dov Rand MD knows that anti-aging is not a new medicine, however, recent advancements have made anti-aging medicine much more effective.

Dr. Dov Rand MD has even become certified through Cenegenics, which is a wonderful company that educates people on anti-aging medicine. In 2009, Dr. Dov Rand MD completed all of the necessary work in order to become certified by Cenegenics. In addition to working with Cenegenics, Dr. Dov Rand MD works in many other capacities.

As a doctor, Dr. Dov Rand MD feels that it is important for him to spread his knowledge with the rest of the public. Dr. Dov Rand MD regularly volunteers his time to be a speaker at seminars that are meant to educate people on the subject of anti-aging medicine. Dr. Dov Rand MD will continue to work extremely hard as a medical doctor for many years to come.

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